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On January 28, 2017 the Brownsburg Lions Club was 88 years old.

Congratulations to the men and women of the world's largest

Service Organization.

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Brownsburg Lions Club
 Stick with Nick was the slogan at the Indiana Lions State Convention in Evansville, April 28-30, 2017. PDG Nick Xinopoulos won the endorsement of Lions in District 25 C in his quest to become International Director for Lions Clubs International.  Lion Gretchen and PDG Nick are shown at the right top center.

Congratualtions PDG Nick. We are behind you all the way.
Photo by PDG Pat Short
Brownsburg Lions Club

In April PDG Nick Xinopoulos helped to induct new members into the Brownsburg Lions Club.  From left to right are: PDG Nick Xinopoulos, Lion Keri Arthurton, Lion Jennifer Foy, Lion Jim Hill, and Lion Flossy Lincoln.
Welcome new members. We're glad you're here.

Brownsburg Lions Club

Lion John Fletcher was presented the Cecil Sharp Award by Lion President Gretchen Zentz. The Sharp award recognizes outstanding effort and achievement in Lions who have been a member of the Club for less than two years. Lion John is a trustee elect for the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Congratulations Lion John.
Brownsburg Lions Club

Lion Joe Szentivanyi was presented with the Ray Selby Award, for outstanding service behind the scenes.  He has been the Lion Tamer of our club for 27 years.
Congratulations Lion Joe, and thank you for your service.
Brownsburg Lions Club

PDG Nick Xinopoulos and Lion Denise Mozingo celebrated Lion Denises' receipt of a W.P. Woods Fellowship. W.P. Woods was the first President of Lions Clubs International, and the Fellowship in his memory is recognition that a Lion has gone beyond the call of duty to exemplify our motto--WE SERVE.
Congratulations Lion Denise.

Brownsburg Lions  Club

PDG Nick Xinopoulos presented a W.P.Woods Fellowship to Immediate Past President Lion Larry Whitmore.  Lion Larry served two terms as President of our club, and has been an outstanding spokesman for Lionism in Brownsburg. Congratulations Lion Larry for jobs well done.
Brownsburg Lions Club

Lion Ray Furner is a Trustee for Indiana Lions Speech and Hearing, Inc., and he recently attended the State  Convention in Evansville. (Notice the flock of Lions.) Lion Ray was there to tell other Lions about the Hearing Aid Loaner Program,the Affordable Hearing Aid Program sponsored by Speech and Hearing, and captioned telephones available through Relay Indiana.

Lion Ray is asking for used hearing aids to support the Speech and Hearing Programs. He says "they help no-one when they are in a drawer."  You can donate hearing aids and cell phones at any eyeglasses collection box, or you can give them directly to a Lion. You'll be glad you did.

Remember too, that May is better Hearing and Speech Month.

Brownsburg Lions partnered with Brownsburg Parks and Recreation to have the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Arbuckle Acres Park on April 8. Some of the many volunteers are shown above.  All are Lions. From left to right in the top row: John Sabol, Gretchen Zentz, Ray Furner, David Martinez, and John Fletcher. In the front row are Mary Jessen, Easter Bunny, Cassandra Blackmon, Denise Mozingo, and Elaine Harrity. 

Easter Bunny shall remain anonymous, but is as Lion Hearted as they come.

Eggs were collected, prizes were awarded, and a great time was had by all.  Thank you Brownsburg for supporting and participating in this event. 

We'll see you next year.
Brownsburg Lions Club

Easter Egg Hunt
Brownsburg Lions Club Remember the Easter Egg Hunt at Arbuckle Acres Park on April 8.  The Easter Bunny will be there by 9:30, and hot chocolate will be served to those who anticipate a bit of chill in the air. 

There are multiple areas provided by Brownsburg Parks and Recreation, so that every age group has a fair chance.

For those of you over 65 years of age, please participate vicariously.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Brownsburg Lions Club

On April 5, 2017, the Brownsburg Lions served dinner for the women and children staying at Sheltering Wings.  The Lions are proud of their service to those in need, and we also appreciate the help of our own children, who help in unexpected ways.  At the dinner, which was served buffet style, there was frequently a need for a third or fourth hand to transport plates of food and drinks to the sitting area. 

Shown here are Adyn, Justin, Wyatt, Sydney, and Wyatt.  Thank you for helping others to have a better day. We are proud of all of you and your parents for being so thoughtful.

Father/Daughter Dance at Brownsburg High School was a resounding success.  Nine Lions were available to check coats and to give support to those brave and loving dads who danced the night away--until 9:00 PM. 

Congratulations, Dads!!! Great job.
Brownsburg Lions Club
 Brownsburg Lions Club
Breakfast with Santa Volunteers

Without this crew, the breakfast could not have happened.  Thanks Santa and all
of the Lions and volunteers who made it possible.
Brownsburg Lions Club
Santa arrived early, and was having a morning snack--quality control, he calls it.
Brownsburg Lions Club
Volunteers included the family of Oscar Arriaga.  Shown here are Ileana, Kenia, Oscar Arriaga,Jr., and Oscar "Arriaga" Arriaga.

They worked tirelessly to keep food on the table, and to make sure that the little ones got to see Santa.  Their help was much appreciated.
Brownsburg Lions Club

Little Miss Cinderella, Audrey Eaton, arrived while Santa was taking a break, and decided to try out his chair.  The fit was warm and comfy.
Brownsburg Lions Club
Audrey and her brother, David, got a warm welcome from Santa.
Brownsburg Lions Club

Chair time was OK with Santa.
Brownsburg Lions Club

Christmas Under the Stars was chilly, but not "terrible"  Lion Elaine Harrity snuggled with Evelyn, Audrey, and Connor at the start of the parade.

Note:  The parade moved fast, and some older Lions had to huff and puff a bit to keep up.
Brownsburg Lions Club

The end of the parade with satisfied Lions and parade participants.  It was great, and we hope to do it again next year.
We hope that you have a great Holiday Season.  Live happy. Love a lot.  And what joy you might have left over--please give it away. 

Brownsburg Lions Club  

Anyone can donate eyeglasses—drop them into a collection box, or give them to a Lion--easy.  To find the collection boxes go to .  You can also learn about the Lions there. 

NOTE:  The Lions  also collect hearing aids and cell phones.  You can put any of these in the eyeglasses collection box.  We will sort them out. 

Help someone to see or hear better.  You’ll be glad you did.